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Welcome to my multi-fandom personal blog! I post what I want but here are some of the fandoms you'll probably see:
☺Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
☻Uta no Prince-sama
☺Ace Attorney
☻Interstella 5555
☺Hatoful Boyfriend
☻Kuroko's Basketball
☺Persona 4
☻Attack on Titan
☺Fire Emblem (mostly Awakening)
☻Final Fantasy
☺Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DX
☻Super Smash Bros.
☺League of Legends (NA - IGN: same as blog)
☻Sailor Moon
☺Sonic the Hedgehog
☻The Hobbit

Also this. This beautiful thing is technically mine but they don’t ship till like… April. Derp. But omfg it’s gonna be gorgeous and it comes with like… Special pre-order stuff and yaaaay!

…If you’re curious you’ll click the picture and go see for yourselves.

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