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Welcome to my multi-fandom personal blog! I post what I want but here are some of the fandoms you'll probably see:
☺Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
☻Uta no Prince-sama
☺Ace Attorney
☻Interstella 5555
☺Hatoful Boyfriend
☻Kuroko's Basketball
☺Persona 4
☻Attack on Titan
☺Fire Emblem (mostly Awakening)
☻Final Fantasy
☺Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DX
☻Super Smash Bros.
☺League of Legends (NA - IGN: same as blog)
☻Sailor Moon
☺Sonic the Hedgehog
☻The Hobbit

Only I can spend a whole class working on a 3D Chikorita. I’m probably gonna use this for my animation, don’t know yet.


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