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calw-walker asked: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...i forget the rest of the song but Happy Birthday, Cat!


Thanks hun!

darthsoror asked: Happy birthday!! I hope you're enjoying it~


Thank you~~~~~~

kinasha asked: -appears from shadows- Psst psst haaai <33 I hope I'm not late. Happeh Bday


Oh hi Kinaaaaaaa!!~~~Long time no talk!~

It’s like 4pm here so you’re not late at all! Thank yeh~

roesart asked: I think tumblr ate my happy birthday message to you.. 8I OH WELL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT for like the 3rd time XD ahahaha may you eat lots of cake but suffer no consequences.


Thank you~~~ And yay cake!

jackjerripher asked: Happy birthday UwU


Thank you~~~~

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