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☺Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
☻Uta no Prince-sama
☺Gundam Wing (03x04)
☻Ace Attorney
☺Interstella 5555
☻Hatoful Boyfriend
☺Kuroko's Basketball
☻Persona 4 & P4 Arena
☺Fire Emblem Awakening
☻Final Fantasy (fav is 9)
☺Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DX + movie
☻Super Smash Bros.
☺League of Legends
☻Sailor Moon (old series)
☺Sonic the Hedgehog
☻The Hobbit
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Promoting my own indie RP blog like a boss!

OC & AU friendly!
Multi-universe/crossover friendly!

Stuff! (aka this is a life update!)

New job! Just a seasonal thing at Spirit Halloween but work is work!
So. Many. BOXES! Cardboard seriously sucks *working on putting the place together so that we can open*

Going to Montreal Comiccon for a day tomorrow! Sad that the photo op we wanted got cancelled though ;;

roesart I’m heading back to your place tonight. I need my running shoes for this holy shit.

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Favorite movie?
Harry Potter. All of them.
Also Howl’s Moving Castle.

Favorite movie that you acknowledge is a terrible movie?
Can I put Top Gun on here? ‘Cause I really can’t think of movies that I really love that are bad. Labyrinth MIGHT count…

Favorite song?
Ummmmm… Uhhhhh… There’s a LOT of songs I really like so this is kinda mean… I really really like Bakusou Yume Uta by Diggy-MO though.

Have you noticed any “patterns” for what you ship?
ALL OF THE GAY Actually I’m not sure. I like the ones with adorable canon interactions even if it doesn’t end up going anywhere (I’m looking at you original OTP!)

Which characters do you want to roleplay but don’t?
Quatre maybe? I know he’s OOC as hell though so yeah…

Favorite book?
Harry Potter series. Probably Goblet of Fire specifically.

First game you fell in love with?
Final Fantasy IX.

I’m not tagging anyone ^^;